Covid Long Haul - Infection and Vaccination

First Module of the Course.

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The first module in the long haul presentation. Please take a listen and clarify where gaps may be in the presentation. It includes comments and input from the vaccine damaged community.

It will only be available free for a short time.

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01 Introduction

Overview of Long Covid with a look at immune cells involved and cytokine abnormalities

02 Inflammation and Long Covid

Review of viral antigen persistence in immune cells and t-regulatory cell dysfunction.

03 Throat inflammation in Long Covid

Inflammation in the throat region (epipharyngitis) and immune imbalance in Long Covid.

04 Vaccine induced Lymph Node Inflammation

Basis of changes in lymph nodes after vaccination and potential link to vaccine induced Long Covid.

05 Serotonin and Brainstem Dysfunction in Long Covid

Reduced tryptophan intestinal absorption leads to serotonin depletion in the brain.

06 How to Interact with Clinician Tips

Strategies to get the most out of your family doctor consultation.

07 Q&A - Part 1

Introduction of the vaccine injured panelists and questions around the disease.

08 Q&A - Part 2

Further questions related to understanding Long Covid.

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