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Dr Tina Peers - MCAS and Long Covid Case Studies

Day 2 Post Vax/Long Covid Congress

This is a section from the recent Post Vax and Long Covid Congress.

Watch FULL DAY 2 of Congress here >

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Dr Tina Peers Presentation

Dr Tina Peers
415KB ∙ PDF file
Case Presentation: MCAS, Long Covid exacerbation by Spike

Full Congress Timecodes

0:00 Intro
3:38 Joachim Intro Presentation
11:32 Stephanie Seneff PhD Presentation
27:14 Stephanie Q&A
31:04 Dr Tina Peers Presentation
47:05 Dr Tina Peers Q&A
51:20 Dr Carlo Brogna Presentation
1:06:06 Dr Carlo Brogna Q&A
1:13:47 Dr Beate Jeager Presentation
1:28:12 Dr Beate Jaeger Q&A
1:35:19 Prof Hans Rausch Presentation
1:54:57 Prof Hans Rausch Q&A
2:00:37 Dr Robin Rose Presentation
2:21:54 Dr Robin Rose - Patient Testimonial
2:25:52 Rachel Jessey MSc Presentation
2:44:35 Rachel Jessey MSc Q&A
2:48:06 Open Forum Start
2:53:49 Is there a long Covid predisposition
2:56:56 Opportunity for Natural products
2:59:02 How will doctors be educated?
3:04:43 Perspective of Dr Beate Jaeger on long Covid
3:08:56 Dr Robin Rose is alarmed clinically
3:15:55 Concluding Remarks

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