Full Long Covid Treatment discussion with Dr Shankara Chetty

Including timecodes


Wonderful discussion with Dr Shankara Chetty on all things long Covid.


03:45 Was long Covid an outcome during the first wave?
06:20 First observation of long Covid
08:50 Long Covid diverse fluctuating symptoms
12:05 Why did you not think these symptoms were functional?
15:05 Links to Fibromyalgia and MECFS
19:50 Overlap with EBV and viral persistence
23:40 Question about immune dysregulation in Long Covid, overview of microbiome
35:35 Approach to the long Covid patient
39:05 Can steroids be used in long Covid?
45:10 Use of antihistamines in long Covid
47:13 HCQ in Covid and long Covid
54:44 Any value with metformin
56:40 Thoughts on pancreatic enzyme deficiency
1:00:04 Are patients going to get better?
1:04:00 What natural supplements can be taken?

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