Thank you Dr. McM. Your tireless research is truly appreciated.

Reasonable starting point to the GWS, would be to know exactly just what was injected into the service personnel from the various countries. There's always been a lack of transparency regarding that.

Then also the depleted uranium ammunition in the various different rounds, missiles & probably cluster bomblets; needs to factored in to the research.

There's already been a horrible toll on the service personnel regarding still births & deformities in their full term babies. Again either cover ups or the "military secrets" bs has stone walled transparency.

Despite MSM not being open about the subject. The civilians there, exposed to the depleted uranium ordinance, have also presented, suffering multiple horrifying & life shortening symptoms.

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30+ years is a long time to wait for no answers. I’m not waiting, I’m living. I’m also wondering what would happen if SARS, HIV, and Zika drank too much at a party in the jungle and bore fruit 9 months later. What lessons might we learn from that?

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