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Hello Dr. McMillan - I registered and watched both days (made comments under Moving Into Harmony). Where is the access to both days and downloads of slides? Trying to bring a community together here in S. Oregon for community efforts to support clients. Thank you very much for bringing all this together. It was very informative and many big takeaways. Some I am happy to share with you (especially from Dr. Chetty and the insight of return of pathology like his sciatica that showed up that magical 7th or 8th day post infection and as a Physio I must ask more questions of my clients who are looking for musculoskeletal help and it may be more related to the mast cell degradation than a musculoskeletal. BIG!!!! Would love to know more and directions to assist my clients and what to do instead of the musculoskeletal....that can be treated later....the big thing is to address the "blow up" first to get the body stabilized. Would love to have a discussion/interview/collaboration to educate my profession about this piece. It is HUGE awareness that this needs to occur. Thank you

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Sounds like a good idea.

Have seen the mast cell interaction as well and it is very important.

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Sincerely thank you Dr McMillan. You're one of the best, as are all the other presenters. Really, thanks for the free ticket. I appreciate it so much.

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