The overall point is that there are a number of benefits based on reports from individuals who were suffering with long Covid. From a clinical perspective, it is important to understand exactly the mechanism of the improvement in order to predict if it is a long, medium or short term effect.

The risks cannot be known as there is no adequate research on this issue.

There may be no problems but it cannot be clearly confirmed.

My personal instinct is that IgG4 could be the mechanism for benefit and therefore when levels fall, the symptoms could return.

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Thanks for the topic. Anyway, here is some more info about IgG4 Antibodies, which maybe interesting in this context.

Study called: IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein.


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Honestly, covid/long covid is a condition to be handled by experienced clinicians and physicians, not virologists. In fact, this pandemic got misfired from early on because of virologists and endocrinologists every where taking charge. The writer must also make the correct judgement whether his own condition is pure long covid or long vax. He would do well to take care of his present condition with appropriate treatments. In any case, vaccine (booster) will not prevent his chances of a fresh infection. When he does get one, he has to go for medicinal treatments, whether boosted or not. Omicrons do not normally cause serious illness and so it is a dead purpose for fresh vaccinations. In any case, serious illness does not happen overnight and if there are hints ahead, classical medicines can stop it.

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How can anybody still ask stupid questions about Covid-19 jabs or about masks or about lockdown! Wake up sheep; open your eyes and your brain and read tons of research done in many countries about this medical tyranny we've just lived in. Sheep deserve anything they get! No wonder The psychologist Desmet Mattias talks about MASS FORMATION just like the French philosopher Gutav Le Bon did decades ago, even after decades of education, best universities, the internet developments, people still utterly ignorant: "The more educated people are, the more vulnerable they are for Mass Formation", Gustav Le bon. Glad we're not dying in Africa, glad the West called us uncivilised, uneducated and barbarians.....We have no Mycocarditis nor sudden deaths!

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A correction, it is not endocrinologists, but epidemiologists taking charge at the start of the pandemic. It was hospitalisations and illness that should have been the primary focus and exploring all options towards that end then. Instead, it was the spread, a primary interest of virologists and epidemiologists, that took the game away.

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Sep 26·edited Sep 26

The writer of the letter should watch pharmacologist Dr Hong's video from last sunday (2 days ago). Nothing more to say.

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