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Should the Long Covid cohort get boosted?

Answering the question from a long Covid patient

Here was the email without personal identification.

Dear Dr McMillan,

Having followed your recent videos I had been intending not to take up the offer of an Autumn booster.

However, I see serious virologists such as Dr Danny Altman encouraging take-up and this paper circulated by Dr Topol on Twitter suggests that those with Long Covid tend to benefit.

Nayyerabadi, Maryam, et al. "Vaccination after developing long COVID: impact on clinical presentation, viral persistence and immune responses." International Journal of Infectious Diseases (2023).

At 20 months in and, as you know still in recovery from a recent dip, I really don’t want to get this decision wrong. I’ve never seen those in favour of the vaccine address your concerns but equally it would be helpful if those, such as yourself, could address this apparently positive effect so that upsides and downsides can be weighed up.

From the various social media groups I am part of, many patients are in the same position.

All best …

Just my thoughts on the subject. Always make an informed decision.

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